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I have searched the site of Oanda and found this broker has some disadvantages also. You are telling right that this broker is having since services and having leverage of 1:50 but other broker are giving leverage of 200:1. In comparison to other brokers the leverage of Oanda is too less.


Anyone using a local forex broker? Care to give some reviews?
Local brokers require a high deposit fee right?
im not a fx trader but i did play around with oanda i feel its pretty good but i there are limitations with the charting applet. I have not tried other brokerages but i know so far oanda u can play 1 pip = $0.10.

local brokerages need high deposit fee. I wanted to sign up for IG markets but im still a student so the only way for a student is to get ur parents sign up and u become the collateral moreover there needs to be gurantee an asset worth at least 100k or more. which i think is crazy

Check fore best results

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Thanks for sharing this. 
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