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Fix Corrupted SD Card and Recover Lost Data

Fix Corrupted SD Card and Recover Lost Data

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With the full name of "Secure Digital Card," SD Card is a type of memory card that is typically used in media devices. Such as Android mobile phones, digital cameras, and other portable devices. But there will be a variety of problems, such as SD card data loss, SD card cannot be read, or SD card corrupted case and so on. This article will show you some practical methods tofix the SD Card can not work problems.

1. Use the CMD command or Windows System Tool
  • Fix 1: Change the Drive Letter

In some cases, If your SD card can't be read by a computer when connecting via a card reader, it could be that the computer is unable to assign drive letters (like C, D, E) to the reader.

1. Connect your SD card via a card reader to your computer. Right-click on "My Computer/This PC" and choose "Manage."

2. Click "Disk Management" on the left. Right-click on your SD card and choose "Change Drive Letter and Paths."

3. Then select the right drive letter from the drop-down list. Click "OK" and then see if the SD card can be recognized now.

  • Fix 2: Reinstall the Drivers

There are times when the drivers run your SD card that gets corrupted and your PC is not able to detect the storage media. You can reinstall drivers by following these simple steps:

1. Right-click "My Computer/ This PC". Click "Manage."

2. Click "Device Manager" on the left side.

3. Double-click "Disk Drives" in the list. Right-click on the name of your pen drive.

4. Click "Uninstall". Click "OK".

5. Disconnect your storage media and restart your PC.

6. Connect your pen drive again. Your PC will detect it and install it.

  • Fix 3: Recover a corrupted SD card by using the CHKDSK command

By using the Command tool, the Windows computer can execute the Chkdsk command and fix the corrupted SD card.

1. Click on the "Start" button, select the "Computer" option. Search for your SD card under "Devices with Removable Storage" and note the assigned drive letter.

2. Click on the "Start" button, in the search box, type "cmd".

4. Right-click "cmd.exe" and then select the "Run as administrator" option.

3. In the newly-opened command window, type the command: chkdsk [sd card drive letter]: /f /r /x and press enter.

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