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[Financial Services] how I got my loan from

how I got my loan from

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  • service type: Loan
  • bank: American Express    
  • thanks be to God almighty for his kindness and goodness upon my life
    what will i have done if not for goodnews west who i will always see as
    a God sent man who God have chosen to help people who are in financial
    need like me a poor widow who was short listed and short of funds a
    woman who have two kids and has so many responsibilities a woman who
    lost her husband and has bills to pay consisting of both house rent
    and electricity bills and was scammed the sum of $1,800 usd i never
    believed that there is still a legit loan
    company online who still believe that people are in financial problem
    and are ready to help after been scammed $1,800 i never believed that
    there is still a legit loan company until i came across a post that
    was posted by one Mrs marina on this same forum she explained how she
    got her loan from Goodnews who is the CEO Goodnews loan company by
    then i was having no more option rather than to try my luck for the
    third time's to avoid losing my home(accommodation)so i think about it
    i came to a conclusion that i should try again so i contacted Mr Goodnews
    via email they attended to me in less than 12hours i applied for a
    sum of $50,000 usd the loan was approved with low interest rate and
    after the processing i got my loan in my bank account yesterday so i
    want to quickly use this medium to advise any loan seeker out there to
    contact goodnews west via email: he will
    definitely give you a loan you require without any stress once again
    thanks be to God for his mercy upon my life 


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