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D.I. Riviera @ Cambodia

D.I. Riviera @ Cambodia

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D.I. Riviera Condominium lies at the core area of Diamond Island in Phnom Penh where success convergences with the surrounding of 3 rivers, namely the Mekong River, Bassac River and Tonle Sap River. The total building area of the task is around 3 hundred thirty thousand square meters. When finished, it will certainly have the largest shopping mall in Phnom Penh with the biggest parking area, a 150-meter high air club, a perspective swimming pool etc., which are all high course centers. Looking much into the distance from this altitude there are panoramic views of the beautiful landscape of the city. The perfect place figures out that the worth of the financial investment residential or commercial properties at D.I. RIVIERA Condominium will certainly never ever drop, however will certainly produce endless increments in value ...

OCIC will invest regarding $700 million creating the complicated of five structures, 3 with 37 floors and 2 with 28.

The complex, being constructed on a 330,000-square-metre site on Diamond Island, will include condominiums, apartments, grocery stores and also parking space. It is due to be completed by 2017.

Located at the prime section of Diamond Island, connected with the Mekong, the Bassac, and also the Tonel Sap rivers, success within your reaches, with a boosting worth that lasts.

The task had at first been under the control of Pung Kheav Se, chairman of the board of Canadia Financial institution and also the director-general of OCIC, however he had later on partnered with two companies from Quanchoa, Investment Cambo as well as Friendship International Development.

There will be two 28-storey buildings as well as three 38-storey structures. The job includes condos, a grocery store, workplaces, an amusement park and also a 200-metre pool stumbling upon the tops of the three 38-storey buildings.

See D.I. Riviera  or call hotline +65 6100 8806 to get even more details.


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