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Name DBS Altitude American Express Card Citi PremierMiles Card
DBS Altitude American Express Card Citi PremierMiles Card
  Brand   DBS   Citi Bank
[Key Features] • With 1 Air Mile Earned for every S$0.83 Charged
• redeeming the air miles you have earned from 38 participating airlines
• 3 DBS Points with every S$5 charged
• S$1 Million Travel Insurance
• Can participate DBS American Express Promotions
• 1.2 Citi Miles for every S$1
• An annual bonus of up to
20,000 Citi Miles
• No expiry on Citi Miles
[Minimum annual income] $80000 $80000
Annual fee
[Principal] $180 $180
[Supplementary] $90 $90
[Annual fee waiver] First one year First one year
[Expiration] 1 year Never
[Repayment] AXS,ATM,Cheque,Branch(82),Interbank GIRO,Phone Banking,Internet Banking AXS,ATM,CDM,Cheque,Branch(15),Interbank GIRO
[Grace Period] 22 days 25 days
[Payment Networks] N/A Visa
[Effetive Interest Rate] 24% per annum (minimum $2.5) 24% per annum (minimum $3)
[Minimum Payment] $50 or 3% of total Balance $50 or 1% of total Balance
[Late Fee] $45 $40
Other fees
[Foreign currency] 1% 1.5%
[Cash Advance] $15 or 5% of amount $10 or 5% of amount
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  Brief:    As a frequent flyer, you'll have expectations that are as lofty as your aspirations. And one Card is set to meet your unique demands - The DBS Altitude Card. It offers you the fastest way to earn miles so charging to the Card is more rewarding than ever.    The best travel card that rewards you with the most miles, fastest.
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