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Name Citi PremierMiles Card UOB Virtual Pay Card
Citi PremierMiles Card UOB Virtual Pay Card
  Brand   Citi Bank   
[Key Features] • 1.2 Citi Miles for every S$1
• An annual bonus of up to
20,000 Citi Miles
• No expiry on Citi Miles
- 1% cash rebate all transactions
- Free Virtual Pay U.S. address
[Minimum annual income] $80000 $30000
Annual fee
[Principal] $180 N/A
[Supplementary] $90 N/A
[Annual fee waiver] First one year Free forever
[Expiration] Never N/A
[Payment Networks] Visa AMEX
[Repayment] AXS,ATM,CDM,Cheque,Branch(15),Interbank GIRO AXS,ATM,SAM,CDM,Cheque,Branch(57),Interbank GIRO,Phone Banking,Internet Banking
[Grace Period] 25 days N/A
[Effetive Interest Rate] 24% per annum (minimum $3) N/A
[Minimum Payment] $50 or 1% of total Balance N/A
[Late Fee] $40 N/A
Other fees
[Foreign currency] 1.5% N/A
[Cash Advance] $10 or 5% of amount N/A
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  Brief:    The best travel card that rewards you with the most miles, fastest.   
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