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Name DBS Takashimaya AMEX Card UOB Lady's Platinum Card
DBS Takashimaya AMEX Card UOB Lady's Platinum Card
  Brand   DBS   UOB
[Key Features] • Enjoy 6% storewide voucher rebates all year round, even at high-end designer boutiques within Takashimaya Department Store.
• Enjoy an additional 10% discount at Takashimaya Department Store during selected sale events.
• Exclusive invitations sale previews, special events, promotions
• Plus, earn DBS Points for all purchases anytime and anywhere!
• UOB Lady's Platinum Service (1800 355 1212)
• Complimentary Access and Monthly Workouts at California Fitness
• Enjoy fashion, beauty and lifestyle discounts and perks designed specially for you.
• exclusively packaged for you by our UOB Travel Planners.
[Minimum annual income] $50000 $50000
[Other Requirments] N/A exclusively for ladies
Annual fee
[Principal] $180 $180
[Supplementary] $90 $90
[Annual fee waiver] First one year First two years
[Expiration] 1 year 1 year
[Repayment] AXS,ATM,Cheque,Branch(82),Interbank GIRO,Phone Banking,Internet Banking AXS,ATM,SAM,CDM,Cheque,Branch(57),Interbank GIRO,Phone Banking,Internet Banking
[Grace Period] 22 days 22 days
[Effetive Interest Rate] 24% per annum (minimum $2.5) 24% per annum (minimum $2.5)
[Minimum Payment] $50 or 3% of total Balance $50 or 3% of total Balance
[Late Fee] $45 $50
Other fees
[Foreign currency] 1% 1.5%
[Cash Advance] $15 or 5% of amount $15 or 5% of amount
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  Brief:    6% storewide voucher rebates    For the lady with fine judgement. Who has opened doors where none existed and pushed boundaries that were set in stone. Who lives by her own rules, and lives it in style. You're the lady who has arrived. And now, so has your card.
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